Saturday, October 25, 2008

Will Ayers

The thought strikes me that if Ayers really were a socialist commie pinko, he could strike the greatest blow for communism since the Russian Revolution by making a public statement that he and Obama are best friends, that they've been plotting the Revolution together for twenty years, that he really did write Obama's book, but that now that it comes down to it he can't follow through with the plan because he realizes he loves America too much to watch it destroyed, and besides, he's found Jesus now, and he knows Obama is a secret Muslim. That would throw the election to McCain, and after four more years of "sharpening contradictions" facilitated by disastrously inept Republican rule, the people of the United States would be begging for the socialist revolution, rather than Obama's mildly left version of centrism. By making this marginal figure so important, the conservatives have given Ayers that much power. Why doesn't he use it?