Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Question 1: Edge McCain. Obama recites stump speech talking points. McCain answers with concrete plan. Haven't heard him talking about buying mortgages up before.

Question 2: McCain seems on his game. Warren Buffet as SecTres: fat chance, but nice bipartisan pander. Meg Whitman -- women's vote. Obama's answer -- stump speech. He's looking like the attacker -- why? McCain is suckering him some by being the nice guy, Obama not adjusting. Tiny edge McCain.

Question 3: McCain: "Obama's cronies and friends." Not good. Al GSE's fault (where's regulation? Thought he was all about regulation?). Out and out allegations of corruption from Dems. So much for bipartisanship. Obama: Explaining things well. "I have to correct Senator McCain (not surprisingly)". Big edge Obama. (Stupid C-span feed breaking up, can't hear everything).

Question 4: Obama hits history. Is he starting to sound too attacky? A little bit to my ears, at least. Back to stump speech. Doesn't answer question all that well. Opening for McCain. McCain not annoying like Palin is -- none of that "maverick" bullshit. McCain on attack now. He's doing well. He's flipping on drilling. If he knows how to fix economy, why hasn't he done it in 30-odd years in Congress? McCain now promising everything to everyone. 700 billion in hands of terrorist organizations?? WTF? Obama: stump speech. He's clearly running out the clock. Probably not a bad plan at this point, but boring. C-span breaking up again. Is he calling for line item veto? Back on the attack. They both seem a like they're squabbling.

Question 5: (Good question). McCain empathetic. I've done this and that. Earmarks again. Not answering question. Spending freeze except for military -- nonsense. Obama: Stump speech. He's hitting his stride. McCain promising everything to everyone again.

Question 6: C=span entirely cut out for 15 minutes

McCain sounds better, more reasonable. You can see why the press people like him -- he's charming when it suits his purposes. Obama sounding too animated.

Pandering to Israel blah blah blah. Obama does better job of ducking the question. McCain winning, but both men look good, better than the VP candidates. Final question used by Obama to go over his biography and more stump speech. McCain answers question, plus goes over his biography.

McCain impressive, Obama not so much. If the polls say Obama wins, it's halo effect from the economy. No way he won this thing, unless McCain spoke in tongues during Cspan outage.*

Michelle Obama looking hot in red dress. She's going to make a helluva First Lady.

*Polls say Obama won. Big. Something going on here I don't get.