Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate prediction

Palin sticks to perky nothings, makes one or two gaffes, but they are expected by now and so forgiven, Biden demonstrates knowledge and competence and is declared "the winner" by the press, and then everyone forgets about it. For Palin to go out and shine at this stage of the game requires a lot more juice than she has, and I don't think the Republicans can feed her with enough clever zingers to win over even our excuse for a press corps. But I'm going to watch it, anyway, because although I find Palin's voice, accent, and person annoying, the opportunity to see her fall flat on her face, real time, shouldn't be passed up. Even if the odds are against it happening.

After the first question, take it all back. Ifill horrid, unable to follow up. Palin scripted, Biden no better. Hideous.

They are both unlikeable. Biden needs to wipe the shit eating grin off his face. Neither is answering the questions, and Ifill is too hapless to take control.

"White flag of surrender" Tin ear of Palin.

Biden sighs! OMG!

Biden talks too much. Palin says too little.

Palin is "winning" on style, but she doesn't look like someone ready to lead, or like she ever will be that person. This isn't the debate the Reps needed.

Palin finished well. Biden was weak throughout. People are going to re-assess Palin, if the media does. People are still going to forget this in a few days. Good for Palin, irrelevant for everything else, and in four years Palin's flavor will be out of style.