Monday, October 27, 2008

Feeling the heat

Fox News has been getting a little attention lately, and with their side losing bad, after having been on the wrong side of every issue for years, and losing in the key 18-54 year old demographic to MSNBC, methinks they are getting a little squirrelly:

Burton wasn't great, wasn't bad, but the Fox lady (cue Hendrix) was strident and defensive, and had clearly lost her cool. She'd have been yelling, but she knows women can't get away with it -- for whatever reason, people get pissed off at women when they yell. The blonde Fox lady might also be annoyed by seeing Rachel Maddow going on TV and doing well based on substance and intellect, and not forced to hew to an odious party line. And she didn't even have the decency to dye her hair blonde first. It must hurt a lot of those Barbie girls, who know that many people view them as bimbos, however smart they might actually be, to see Maddow thumb her nose at the conventions that bind them, and still become a rising star.

I have to wonder if there won't be some changes in Fox's slant with a country run by Democrats when the conservative movement is so intellectually bankrupt it has just run an entire presidential year election based on name calling. And lost. With an aged viewership and changing demographics, with the next president openly expressing his contempt for them, the butt of late night jokes -- Fox is going to have to do some revamping or it will go where about half its viewers will in the next 15 years.