Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Magic wand

He'll fix it all, see, partisanship, the economy, Iraq, problems in the Middle East, by just saying he wants it done. Policies aren't needed, hard realities don't exist, neither does "pain;" there's just the benevolent wishes of John McCain. All you have to do is vote for him. He's a genie and the genie's master, all in one curmudgeonly package.

I've disliked the man for years because I can't see or hear him without thinking of ten straight years of media worship and Maverick McStraighttalkism, but as this campaign goes on, the dislike is becoming visceral. And I have no doubt he would be a disaster in the White House. Cautious and respectful at first, but eventually his innate arrogance and lack of discipline would break out, and the shit he's gotten himself into his whole life would become the shit he gets the country into.