Thursday, October 9, 2008

The best apologizer in the business

The nastier and greater the garbage McCain stirs up now, the more dramatic and heartwarming will be his inevitable, tearful mea culpa to the press corps when he loses. I suspect they'll take him back in the fold, after a little rough stuff to "teach him a lesson." It'll be the gazzilionth time they've played this game, so everyone knows their role fluently now.

But there is no excuse for this, and no apology will make up for it:

And yes, McCain is responsible for this -- those people are half baked loons, but McCain doesn't have to play to them. It comes from his campaign, he's deliberately, knowingly stirring it up, and he has to know that the purpose of it isn't even to win the campaign, but rather, to wound an Obama presidency, make it harder for him to govern, this at a time when we need an effectively functioning government as much as we have at any time in history.

I have no idea why McCain is doing this. Maybe he feels spite towards Obama for taking away McCain's rightful prize, maybe he thinks he can, at 76 years old, run in 2012 -- who knows. But it's disgusting, it's incredibly harmful to everyone -- even those demented dittoheads, and it's absolutely the last way to put "country first."