Thursday, October 2, 2008

The more I think about Biden's performance,

the worse it seems. Palin with her smarmy shit about "looking back," and Biden's stupid "past is prologue" reply. Nobody who isn't already voting for the Democrats knows what that means. What's wrong with saying, "If I was running with John McCain, who votes with Bush 90% of the time, I wouldn't want to talk about the past, either." Palin was prepared to win, Biden was prepared not to offend, or do much of anything -- it was obvious no one on his prep team had come up with anything for this obvious move on Palin's part. That's an Obama thing, probably -- it's been the story of his campaign. With the economy where it is, Obama's weak, inoffensive campaigning has been enough, but it isn't good campaigning, and it wouldn't win in any year but this one. Palin, with her scripted, smarmy perkiness and "God bless 'ems" and shameless pandering to "small town values" deserved to be destroyed, and the know-nothing mentality she represents along with her. Instead, Biden went out and stumbled through poorly prepared talking points for 90 minutes. The Republicans are still ahead of the Democrats when it comes to campaigning, and that matters, and it will matter in the future.

Polls disagree with me. One of those times I like being wrong.