Thursday, October 9, 2008

"I'll be working until I'm 70 now."

"Fuck. I can't believe this. I have been putting money in my 401k since 1998, and I have about a thousand dollars more in there than when I started."

Twenty five minutes later, after a scintillating discussion about vote fraud, San Francisco liberals, and taxes:

"It's all Nancy Pelosi's fault. That stupid bitch."

I don't like bigfooting discussions like those, and besides, they are fascinating to watch (I imagine it's almost like being a fly on the wall in a loony bin), but this was way, way out there. One of the most vociferous participants, and the most extreme Pelosi hater, was the same guy who was talking yesterday about needing someone new in the White House to end the economic crisis. How one brain can hold so many conflicting and self-contradicting notions is a mystery unsolvable, I am sure, by the finest minds in science let alone my own. But I'd sure like to know how they do it. I had, and have, more than a sneaking suspicion that had not I, a black man, been there, Obama's name would have come up, and some of the things said about him would have been at least on a par with calling Pelosi a stupid bitch.