Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Four short years ago...

I wonder if this guy, standing there with his "W." shirt on grinning like a football fan after his team scored the winning touchdown with a few seconds left on the clock, still has the same idea of what a "winner" is that he did that day, Nov 2 2004. I wonder if he understands, watching his team being squeezed into a smaller and smaller electoral region, that it isn't just a case of his party losing elections, but of his party losing the war of ideas before the votes have even been cast.

Now that we're riding high, some of the folks on our side might do well to keep this thought in mind. Winning is the first step, but you have to follow through, have a positive vision for the country, which neither Bush in 2004, nor McCain in 2008, did. And then you have to have the courage and daring to make your vision live.

1456 days until the votes in 2012 are cast.