Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It looks like the actually important races -- Al Franken and Kay Hagan challenging incumbent Republicans in the Senate -- are going the Dems' way. Those were the two I wanted big -- Coleman always struck me as a sleazy opportunist, and I have no idea why Elizabeth Dole is a senator, and judging by her campaign, neither does she.

A few years ago Bill and Hillary Clinton and Bob and Elizabeth Dole (Bob Dole had been Clinton's opponent in the 1996 race) did this "bipartisan" fundraiser thing where they went out on stage together and tried to talk nice about each other. Hillary and Bill were gracious, Bob Dole was slightly less so, but Elizabeth was a fill-in-the-blank. You'd have thought she'd rather cut her tongue out than say something nice about either Clinton. Hopefully, she'll get to nurse whatever resentments she has without the benefit of a government salary, office, staff, and vote in the Senate after today.