Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Go Franken!

Franken closes the gap on Coleman.

According to data just released by the Minnesota Secretary of State, Al Franken has gained a net of 43 votes on the first day of that state's recount process. Norm Coleman had a lead of 215 voters over Franken in Minnesota's certified, pre-recount tally; that margin is now 172 votes.

Minnesota reports that it has thus far recounted 15.49 percent of its ballots. If the first day's results are indicative of the pace that the candidates will maintain throughout the recount process, Franken would gain a net of 278 votes over Colmean [sic], giving him a narrow victory. For any number of reasons, however, the results reported thus far may not be indicative of future trends.

Getting rid of Dole, Coleman, and Stevens is like a political triple play. Franken is now a 3:2 favorite on Intrade, which means it ain't over yet.