Thursday, November 20, 2008


One of the things that I can't stop marveling at is how much we keep paying and paying and paying for having given an ideologue, know-nothing movement so much power in this country. It isn't just Iraq, it isn't just the meltdown and the "deep recession" -- no, you'd think that would be enough. But the party that brought us George Bush and Sarah Palin, the Iraq War and nuclear Korea, Terri Schiavo and a cut in stem cell research, Katrina and the economic meltdown -- yes, these same people -- want to roll the dice on the economy some more, by letting Detroit fail:

As a new bout of fear gripped the financial markets, stocks fell sharply again on Thursday, continuing a months-long plunge that has wiped out the gains of the last decade.

The credit markets seized up as confidence in the nation’s financial system ebbed and people rushed to put money in Treasuries, the safest of investments. Some markets are now back to where they were before Congress approved the $700 billion financial rescue in October.

And what do these witless ideologues get in return for their dice roll? Nothing more than the warm feeling of having adhered to an economic and political philosophy that the vast majority of them don't understand.

How many trillions of dollars will this nation pay for the gross self indulgence of eight long years of Bushism? Nobody knows, and not knowing is a problem. But an even bigger problem is that the Bush-Palin-Shelby-Coburn Republicans don't care.