Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Teh Crazy Begins

Click at your own peril.

Some choice comments:

Start the War, I'll Be There!
I say let the blood flow and to the victor go the spoils! I've had enough! Let it begin. Enough placating!


If the election is a 'landslide' for Obama and the Dems, it's only the beginning of the storm troopers and brown shirts actions upon anyone who disagrees with the chosen one.....der fuhrer...Wake Up America.


Are you kidding?
We are talking about Hypocrats here! They have been stealing elections for DECADES!! You think in Philly it will be any different?

Get ready for the next 4 years to be just like this!

Hussein and his minions will be using Chicago vote stealing, thug actions like this to overpower ANY opposition!

Way to go you Obamatons! This is the most uniformed [?] electorate that has ever voted for a President. To all you morons that think Hussein will be paying for your gas and mortgages...give us a shout in 4 years and tells us where you are!

LOL! You idiots have been voting for the same liberal policies for DECADES and look where you are, standing at a rally with children that should be in school, showing these kids that a politician is going to cure your every ill!

How sad! You have nothing to show for you life voting Hypocrat all your life and you just continue on doing it...



Obama is a disgrace to the human race, an embarassment [sic] to his family, to his community and most of all to this country.


The only good socialist thug is a dead socialist thug. Marxist/Socialist ideology has murdered over 150 million people who disagree with them. I disagee. [sic] THe time to stand up against tyranny is near.

That about gave me my RDA of crazy for the day, and I haven't even got to The Corner yet.

These lunatics will be demanding Clinton bashing-style books soon claiming Obama is a murderer and so on, and there are people out there who will meet the demand. It seems the "MSM" has lost interest in playing those games itself for now, but you never know if they'll get bored once things get on a stable track, and decide it's worthwhile to stir up some shit, "investigate" a couple of "Obama is a murdering drug smuggler" type "stories" just to attract some eyeballs. The natural check for this sort of thing would be the liberal internet as a watchdog for its own interests, but the interests of the people who run the big sites and the people who read them are already diverging. We're probably OK for the next several years, because Obama is well liked and there are so many serious problems to solve. But Obama won't be around, or necessarily well-liked, forever, and problems exist to be solved. The crazies, though, aren't going anywhere.