Monday, September 1, 2008

When I'm wrong, I'm wrong

And it looks like I was big time wrong on Palin. This stuff is all over the regular media, to a degree where the talking head circuit will have to play it relatively straight. I'm really, really curious to see what the wingers will be saying about Palin tomorrow. It's kind of a litmus test for sanity: the more rational ones will either shut up about it, or admit she ... has issues. The real wackos will insist this is all part of a liberal media conspiracy to ruin a strong conservative. It's pretty clear at this point that, whatever happens from here on out Palin never should have been selected, and never should have accepted the nomination when called. With all the shit she has going on, accepting the nomination is the final bit of proof that she isn't fit for the office, that she lacks the "character" for the job.

This is not good for the McCain campaign -- they are already saddled with trying to bust Obama down, and now they have to deal with this stuff, with only two months until the actual votes are cast. I bet a whole lot of Reps are wishing they had some other candidate, any other candidate, running not just for vice president, but for president about now. McCain has cocked this thing all up, not that I think any of the rest of them could do better -- the playing field is just slanted against them this time around. Sometimes you have to take a chance, and sometimes taking a chance doesn't work out. That's why they call it "risk." I actually give McCain credit for taking this one, but damn did he ever roll snake eyes.