Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flagellum Dei

The financial crisis cements Bush's place in history. I would have argued against this notion even a couple of weeks ago, saying it's hard to accurately judge a presidency while it's still a presidency. But how, looking at all this, can you argue against the guy being the worst president in history? He destroyed our standing in the world, has come close to destroying our economy, ravaged the constitution -- there's just nothing left he can fuck up. When he came into office in 2001, this was the richest, most powerful, most confident country in the world, and people were talking about this as being "The American Century." Now, people are wondering if America will survive the century. Could anyone imagine, in 2000, we'd be where we are now? Could anyone imagine that one man could do this much damage this quickly? He's like Attila the Hun, but he plunders and pillages from within.