Sunday, September 7, 2008

Like a stone.

Obama down to a 55.7% favorite at Intrade, from a high of over 65% at one point. A couple of bad polls, one of them a Zogby internet poll which I don't trust. I expect this to be temporary, and this bounce, which is entirely due to all the focus put on Palin, to evaporate once people get used to her and see some of her positions, but it's sobering to think a country with a 6+% unemployment rate and all the other problems we've suffered through over the past eight years would be willing to forget all that, even temporarily, for a pretty face and media attention. It's twilight in America.

Obligatory Obama slam: what a terrible, terrible candidate to run. You know your opponents fight dirty, you claim this is a must-win election, and what do you do? Run a first term senator, a black man with the name "Barack Hussein Obama," who in turn has run an above-it-all campaign that puts him in a straitjacket when it comes to fighting back. That's the Democratic Party, and that's the liberal movement. They really don't want to win, and everything they do shows that. Case in point two: Edwards (whom I supported), running for president while cheating on his cancer-stricken wife. That's the kind of shit that belongs in a movie or some bad novel -- not real life. Nothing screams out "I don't want to win" like the left's behavior in 2007-2008.