Friday, September 26, 2008

More wingnuttery

My suspicion is even the wingnuts are afraid McCain isn't up to the job of fixing the economy, at least the ones I interact with. They have access to some of the same data I do, they know this shit is serious, and somehow chortling along with Rush to the strains of "Barack The Magic Negro" isn't as satisfying as it would have been a month ago. They've gone back to shutting up about politics, after a brief burst of enthusiasm, but the tone of their silence has changed. They used to shut up about politics with a look of annoyance; now it's with a look of fear and confusion. I showed clips of Palin's Couric interview to a select few, and got not one bit of feedback. They just watched it with this look of fearful despair. It's frightening that this -- an economic meltdown and candidates who are not up to the job of running the country -- is what it takes to get some people out of the mental gutter, and a sign of what we have waiting for us when the crisis passes. Because once that fear is gone, Rush, and "Barack The Magic Negro", will be waiting, like the streetcorner pusher for his junkies on payday.