Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hide the women! Cover the children's eyes!

The Wapo engages in social analysis. I wish I could say I'm surprised an editor waved it into print, but it's probably just a transcription of what they say to each other in the newsroom, so nobody was able to see anything wrong.

Of particular interest are the posters in the comments section trying to defend it as parody, when it very clearly is not. You don't support parody with the sort of extensive qualifications and attempts at "evenhandedness" ("Men are dumb, too!") that she does here. The other thing that interests me about the comments is how few people really get what's going on here. It's a slam on both Obama and Clinton, disguised as social commentary. She's throwing the script they follow -- Obama leads a cult! Hillary's a dumb bitch! -- out there for public consumption, and people don't seem to realize it's actually a script.