Friday, March 7, 2008


There's a reason I don't read Daily Kos, and it's the same reason I don't read Free Republic: left or right, there's only so much insanity and ignorance I can take, and I get that much in every day life.

Apparently one of the geniuses at Kos decided the Clinton people had darkened Obama in an attack ad, making him into a Scary Black Man. A bunch of the other geniuses at Kos jumped on the bandwagon, and you have an instant "scandal." The folks at Factcheck analyzed the ad, and decided there was no evidence to support the darkening charges. Big surprise, there.

What interests me is that, yet again, the defense of something -- in this case defense against an attack that was never made -- underscores how insecure about Obama's candidacy his supporters are. If they think his race is such a high negative that some bit of dumbassery like this would hurt him, why do they think that a majority of Americans would vote for him at all? He's black. If Americans won't vote for a black man, doctoring an ad like this doesn't mean anything. If they will, doctoring an ad like this -- guess what? -- doesn't mean anything.

Apparently the people at KOS think there's some kind of blackness threshold, and Obama is just on the right side of it, but shade him any darker and oops! there goes the presidency. I don't know what's scarier, the idea that they think this, or the idea that they might be right. But if they are right, why are they, not just supporting him, but fanatically supporting him?

A week ago, Obama was running the Most Brilliant Campaign Evah, while Hillary was just a dumb bitch who couldn't run a lemonade stand. Now, Hillary is a kneecapping bitch, who should get out of the campaign to clear the way for poor, "eloquent" (even money says the word Chait was really thinking of was "articulate") Obama. Obama has had the benefit of a press that hates and maligns Hillary, a blogosphere that largely hates and maligns her, a huge spending advantage, two chances to simply put her away and end this thing, and he's blown it all. Hillary has had some of the most consistently and outrageously negative press coverage we've ever seen; Obama has been treated very nearly as well as McCain. Yet all it took was a couple of negative ads, and Obama started crumpling like a stepped-on cardboard box. There are serious problems with his candidacy, and if these people think that (probably un-doctored) ad was something, wait until the wingnut 529s, Crazy Talk radio, and Fox News turn him into a thumbsucking, commie loving, Muslim tarbaby, who wants to turn over American national defense to the U.N., socialize healthcare, and take money away from hard working white folks and give it to the Cadillac driving welfare queens of the ghetto.