Sunday, March 16, 2008


has just over three years in the Senate, and no executive experience. Has anyone in modern history become president with less experience? Jimmy Carter had a couple of terms in the GA state senate before serving a full term as governor, and then Bush, the guy in there now, is the next lowest on the experience ladder. Neither is considered a success. You could make an argument for or against Eisenhower, but I prefer his experience to that of most people, frankly, as it was a job very much like what presidents actually do. I've spent part of the last couple of days poring over Obama's record, and I was simply astonished to find how little there is there. Obamamania has covered it all up, just like it covered up his association with Reverend Wright, which should have been outed months and months ago. The upside is that with such a thin record it's unlikely he has many other skeletons in his closet, but I really wonder if the Democratic Party has gone completely insane here. If the economy continues sliding none of this will matter, but why take such a gamble on a complete unknown? Why are so many of them so crazy about him? Warning sirens should be blaring.