Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

Just watched The Other Boleyn Girl. A bunch of outstanding actresses (Portman was the worst in this group, and she's usually pretty decent), surrounding the awful, wooden Eric Bana. Eric Bana is the George Peppard of this generation, a guy who gets good roles despite having no talent at all. In fact, Peppard was a better actor. Sure, he fucked Breakfast At Tiffany's into a cocked hat, but he also made Blue Max, a film that was perfect for a wooden actor, and then he had the good graces to disappear into the world of B films, TV, and alcoholism. Bana just keeps coming back, poisoning film after film with his unacting. Please, somebody introduce him to drink, for the sake of the films he will otherwise continue to ruin with his perpetually glowering presence.

Not that this particular film could have been ruined, even by Bana. Great performances (and Kristin Scott Thomas, Johansson, and in particular Ana Torrent were enjoyable to watch), can't save a wretched script and a far too great focus on the female audience. All the men are weak and stupid, all the women strong, and forced to tolerate the stupidity and weakness of the men around them, until finally a bunch of heads get chopped off and we're left with the thought that a strong, intelligent woman (Elizabeth), will assume the throne and all this male-caused stupidity will end. I wanted to laugh out loud at the ending, but by then I was too bored to work up the energy.