Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I really don't care who wins between Obama and Hillary at this point. I like Obama because he's black -- at least I admit it -- and because there's a small chance he'll take a different tack on foreign policy. I dislike Obama because he's done his best to foul up chances for meaningful health care reform, and because I despise -- absolutely fucking hate -- the insane gang of yahoos who have made his campaign into a religious crusade. I hated them in Dean's campaign, I hated them in Brown's campaign, and I hate them now. Fuck those punks. I like Hillary because I admire her courage and ambition: many people would have fallen apart in the face of all the crap she's endured from the media for 16 years; she's managed not only to press on, but to make meaningful contributions to society. I also like her campaign for the opportunity to stick it to the press, particularly the loathsome creeps at MSNBC, and because a Hillary campaign in the general might -- might -- force the media people to engage in some desperately needed self-examination. I dislike Hillary because her presidency would probably be very tactical and reactive, and her foreign policy is guaranteed to be a cravenly surrender to the status quo. Both candidates are smart and will probably be efficient managers, although Hillary is probably more ready now, while Obama has better potential for growth. Of the two, Hillary is a more "sure thing," while Obama's presidency could turn out great, and could turn out to be a bomb -- he's a highly talented guy, but he's never been tested. Really, they are two fine candidates, and I don't understand how anyone could hate either one, but a lot of the yahoos have somehow managed to convince themselves Hillary deserves their hatred. When I look at her life I actually see a lot to admire, and nothing at all to hate, so I don't get it.

*Add: After reading around the usual media suspects just now, I get the sense Obama's rough ride with the press is over, that he's about to become a fair haired boy again, albeit nowhere near as fair-haired as McCain. And if Obama is having problems with Hillary over his lack of experience now, what in the world is he going to do against warhero20termsenatorsaintjohnmccain?

And since it's late and I need someplace to stick this so I can come back to it later,