Monday, March 3, 2008

Is it me, or has stuff like this become more prevalent lately?

To Fenkel-

Typical jew response to monetary policy, I wonder what effect reckless monetary policy will have on his gold accounts.

The anti-Catholic stuff is being discussed now, which is a good thing, but the anti-Mormon stuff on Romney never really got properly addressed. There's been some Jew, black, and hispanic stuff going on in the Obama-Clinton race, anti-Arab and Muslim attitudes are so taken for granted that nobody even notices their own bigotry. In general, it just seems like fewer people are trying to hide their ugly sides, that as a nation we're pulling apart some, not just on the conservative-liberal axis, but along the lines of bad old-fashioned tribalism and bigotry.

*Add on: how could I possibly forget all the anti-women stuff over Hillary's campaign, much of it coming from women themselves?