Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"Barack Hussein Saddam Osama Bin Laden."




"Michelle scares me. I like Obama, but Michelle is scary."

"You like Obama? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha!"

"Yes, he's fine, but Michelle is scary."

"Obama scares me."

"No, Obama is OK, it's Michelle you have to be afraid of. She is scary."

"Barack Bin Laden Saddam Hussein."



"It doesn't matter because McCain is going to win."

"No, I think Obama is going to win."

"They're tied in the polls, and McCain is doing good."

"I still think Obama is going to win."

"Barack Hussein Osama."




"I think Obama is going to win, but I'm going to vote for McCain, because Michelle scares me."

The youngest person in this group is 25, all have children, college degrees, and respectable jobs. This is probably -- probably -- a below average specimen of what passes for political discourse in this country, but it isn't below average by much. Notice that Michelle Obama has already become a threatening she-bitch, like Hillary before her. I remember eerily similar "discussions" in the early 90s revolving around the Clintons.