Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watching a political convention (thanks CSpan) has the astonishing power to make me even more cynical.

Obama's speech = good so far. Something like Clinton's in '92, but not as sharp. He isn't as good a speaker as Clinton, contrary to some claims I've heard. But also contrary to the campaign he's run so far, he projects strength and passion. It's going to be hard for people who watch him speak to think of him as effete. I can see him almost "getting it" with regards to the women vote. A very good night for him, especially compared to the speakers who preceded him, who trotted out boilerplate stuff that would have fit in the convention of either party. He did best on foreign policy, the least important piece of the election, but maybe the most important to his campaign. Too many "I wills." Begging for equality on the "patriotism" thing is a loser's move. Why not take the issue? Why in the world did he talk about guns??????? Ending pretty good. Falling into the cadences of black preachers a little, and it looks like he's been sandbagging on the speaking skills some. Clinton still better, I think. What the hell is it with the country music? Exceptionally beautiful family. He gets a straight B, which considering the Republican line of attack, is the perfect grade. The preacher said it best: "Let's go out and change the world for good." Nancy Pelosi = tired hack. Let's hope nobody was watching her.