Thursday, August 14, 2008

When Joe Klein, the epitome of a gutless, greedy, Washington insider who doesn't take a piss without getting the approval of his Beltway pals first, writes something like this I'm tempted to say the worm has turned, and a core pillar of Republican campaigning is about to be knocked down. And yet ... as I look at the coverage of this campaign, all the focus is still on Obama, the Democrat. All the negative narratives, the obsessive analysis, the turning of any event, no matter how serious, into a tool to prod the Obama campaign with ("Will this be good or bad for the Obama campaign?"): this is how the media have functioned since at least 1998. So a few of them, seeing a likely Obama win and desperate to get access to a President Obama, are willing to throw scum like Corsi under the bus. They're still corrupt and so are their motives, the system is still broken, and the structure of the national discourse is inherently favorable to Republicans. I don't see things changing until this entire generation of Washingtonians moves on and is replaced by something better. Judging the people sitting on the bench, like Klein's stablemate at Time, the nasty, vapid, Cox creature, that won't happen. These people are selected for their venality, and they are selecting them as young as possible, to keep the shed well stocked with willing tools.