Friday, August 8, 2008

Beyond the big lie

The Republicans are just going to keep lying, over and over and over, in more and more and more ways. Eventually the lies come so heavy and so thick, while the cries of "You're lying" seem so repetitive and dull and whiny, that people start believing the lies, almost out of exhaustion and a sort of resentful spite. If the Democrats tried the same thing, the media would be fact checking them like a hockey enforcer going after a wimp with the puck. Obama is going to keep losing ground to this stuff until there is a thorough, systematic, and honest evaluation of Republican campaign tactics by the media, and that simply will not happen by a media that hides its cowardice behind claims of "even handedness." When one side tells repeated, calculated, bald-faced lies, it isn't "evenhanded" to report those lies and then quote the liar's opponents as saying "that's a lie." An obvious lie ought to be called that.