Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hell Naw!

When a black man has taken too much shit, he'll let out a "Hell naw," usually right before kicking some ass. This looks like Obama's "Hell naw" moment ("Hell no" for you white people):

The tone, the words, the delivery (He really nails the folksy black guy routine, reminding me of one of my uncles), and above all, some fucking spirit and outrage. He made me proud for a minute, and maybe he's figuring out that the gravy train is over and he's going to have to dig in and grind it out, that the only way to, not just get something done, but win, is to mix it up and let some elbows fly. The skills and ambition are there, he just needs to show the guts. In this bit he does Rush Limbaugh better than Rush Limbaugh, and people respond to that.