Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pet peeve

Putting "totally" in front of a statement as an (usually) unnecessary intensifier. As in, "I totally love that dress!" (Overheard today). Even worse: putting "so" in front of "totally." "I so totally agree." It's the modern version of Valley Girl speak, except unlike Valley Girl speak, even nominal adults do the "totally" thing, and as far as I can tell, without a shred of self awareness. Valley Girl speak was a recognized, and much derided, affectation; this new bit of jackassery is becoming an accepted part of the language. Shallow, stupid language patterns for a shallow, stupid, declining culture.... I keep reminding myself that it's human nature to see the world as declining, but even allowing for that, it's impossible for me to look at the direction the world is moving in with anything less than horror. Politically, culturally, economically, this is a shitty time to be an American.