Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Flatline Express

McCain's candidacy cannot stand honest reporting -- the deck is too stacked against him. But he's not only getting honest reporting, he's being victimized a tad, from what I can tell. The difference between "succeeding" and "succeeded" isn't big enough -- it might have been a simple slip, of which McCain makes many -- to make as big a deal of as this reporter does here.

McCain used to be the coolest guy in the room, the guy who fucked the cheerleaders, drank the booze, fucked more cheerleaders, married a model, fucked more cheerleaders, dumped the model for a rich woman who could have been a cheerleader, and then probably fucked more cheerleaders still. But cool guys don't lose, McCain is obviously going to lose, and the media are going to start piling on a loser, which is one of the few things they do well. Without 10 straight years of media worship, McCain would not exist, and now we're going to see what he looks like when he's the subject, not of media worship, but of media disdain. It ain't going to be pretty.