Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just because it's smart doesn't mean it isn't creepy

The graphics of Obama on his campaign website,, with their messianic, haloish, white aura, simply creep me out. I imagine it's an appeal to the religious people, who would recognize the style from televangelists and the like, and it's probably a reasonable play along those lines. But we've already had someone in there for eight years with a messiah complex, why put someone else in there with the same dysfunction? Even if this is all theatre on the part of the Obama campaign, it reinforces a key, destructive dynamic from the Bush years: just trust the man to do good, and everything will be all right. When a democracy puts its faith in one man, it stops honoring the traditions and principles of democracy, and will get what it deserves.

I would have thought that, with all the charges of "cultism" surrounding the Obama campaign they would have been particularly cautious about something like this, but apparently not. Any other Dem would have been crucified (pun intended) by the media for that stuff, but Obama isn't any other Dem.