Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Barack Obama: horseshit hitter.

"You show me a hitter who can't be jammed, and I'll show you a horseshit hitter." -- Bob Gibson

After watching Obama duck and cringe and cower, Gibson's words come to mind every time I see his picture now. He won't be jammed, but he ain't going to take any good swings, either. He's just going to stand at the plate and hope for a bad pitch. This, after years of bad pitches have already gone by, and he's ahead in the count 3 - 0. The sad thing is, if he does get that pitch he'll just try to bunt it, anyway, and probably fail at even that.

Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can...


With the conservative movement in ruins, this is the sort of writeup the "liberal media" gives to one of that movement's most pernicious mouthpieces. You would think that if there was a time to honestly appraise the role Limbaugh has played in creating the mess we are in, now would be it, but apparently the Times disagrees. Limbaugh has massive amounts of money and a core following of listeners, and that seems to be the only thing his fellow media-ites care about. They did make the searing criticism that he might be losing influence to Hannity. Nothing about how wrong he's been about everything for years now, the lies he's told, the disasters he's helped stick the country in, the polarization of the country that can be tracked right back to Limbaugh's doorstep, the filthy, bitter-smelling muck that he's made of the national discourse -- none of that, which isn't of course, important, anyway. Hannity being named more influential in some media poll or other, though, that stings.