Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not all asses are created equal

Kissing Bill Clinton's ass = bad:

The more things change, the more Bill Clinton.....talks. And talks. And talks.

The country's "first black president" until the real one came along was the big hit at the Fairfax Hotel Monday night, where he held court near the entrance, lecturing Doris Kearns Goodwin about progressive voting patterns and Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett about ... well, we couldn't really hear over the din, but he did most of the talking and she nodded and said, "That's exactly right." Very diplomatic of her...

(Of course, it's quite possible -- even probable -- that Jarrett simply agreed with Clinton, but, well, this is a Clinton we're talking about here. And Clinton snark never goes out of style.)

Kissing Maureen Dowd's ass is something to be proud of:

Steve Clemons:thanks for the note Wig—actually, not embarrassed at all. I liked the post I did—and find the comments that have followed amusing. Don't know Somerby but glad what I wrote gave him time to scribble on something.

One is a former, successful president, known around the world for his political smarts and policy expertise. The other is a fucking lunatic. Guess whose ass warrants kissing in Washington?

Clemons is part of two in-crowds: the Marshall/Iglesias/etc blogging clique, and the Washington insider clique. I'm sure Clemons' personal future is quite bright given his connections; given what that says about what it takes to get ahead in Washington, though, well, the future of the rest of us might not be so promising.

Maybe we can't, after all.