Saturday, January 31, 2009

I don't get it.

Why hasn't anyone switched away from the Republican Party? When the Democrats got crushed in 1994, ideological conservatives who had been caucusing D because they wanted to remain in the majority party switched to Republican:

Richard Shelby
Dan Richey
Jimmy Hayes
Greg Laughlin
Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Billy Tauzin
Nathan Deal
Mike Parker

Now that the Republicans have been crushed -- twice -- where are the Republicans switching to Democratic? Snowe? Collins? Specter? The Republican Party as it now exists is a radical organization, one run by abhorrent, anti-American figures like Rush Limbaugh. But "moderate" Republicans seem perfectly happy to continue belonging to that party, while paying lip service to "moderation" and "independence." If they are so moderate, why can't they bring themselves to reject the extremism that is their own party? Even when their own political survival is on the line, they prefer to hang with the Rushpublicans, gambling that they can do just enough to hold on to their seats. They'd rather lose, even, than switch (Smith, Sununu, et al). Why?