Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeah, right

Joe Biden:

"Congress must ensure that Gen. Petraeus does not bring an Iraq bias to his new job, at the expense of America's broader security needs."

It's pretty obvious that Petraeus in charge of Central Command and a Petraeus protege in charge of Iraq itself is, and is intended to be, a Trojan Horse given as a "gift" by the Bush Administration to any Democratic successor. Tie the generals' careers and reputations to the Surge™, build them up as indespensible, and dare a Democratic president to run them out on their asses after assuming power. The question is what Biden and his fellow Dems are going to do about it, besides asking a few questions and then meekly backing down in the face of the MSM/right wing axis' attacks along the "unpatriotic," "Defeatocrat", "I'm so uninterested in the Democrats shooting themselves in the foot over this" line.