Thursday, April 17, 2008


I suspected starting a couple of years ago that this election would upset the pattern of the media attacking the Dem candidates, while giving the Republicans a pass. So far, that suspicion has been completely proven false. McCain exists in the general, and stands a good chance of winning, precisely because of gross media malfeasance. Obama is in the race at all, let alone winning, because of that same malfeasance. But if the reaction to last night's "debate" is a gauge -- even media people are criticizing it -- we might see some progress yet. Of course, had more people gotten this outraged after the "gang-bang" debate, this one likely wouldn't have been as bad -- but then, this one likely wouldn't have happened at all, as Clinton would already be the nominee absent the warped press we are stuck with.

I don't know how anyone could listen to Stephanopoulos' smarmy bullshit and not just punch the nasty little vermin in the mouth. Savagely. Repeatedly. Until he spit out teeth and cried for his momma.