Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ritualized humiliation time for Obama

1) Wright fouled up in his press conference. The same guy who was so charismatic and smart on Moyers' show couldn't find it in him to just duck. Partially this has to do with being an honest man, partially with being an honest black man who is passionate about what he believes and the status of blacks in this society. But the biggest part of it was just someone not ready for the prime time going out on the national stage. Everyone has their off-kilter beliefs, but most people, especially public people, hide them away in deep places, to be brought out and looked at only in the safety of the dark. Wright had a golden chance here to make a big difference, both for his community and Obama, and he blew it. Coming out and speaking was the right thing to do; coming out and speaking honestly was not.

2) Obama gets a taste, his first, of the ritualized humiliation that Dems must go through. It won't be his last.

3) Now that Obama has denounced Wright, there are two questions. First, how much damage will this do to him in the remaining primary, and second, what else the Republicans have on him they can drag out and flog him with in the general. I think he handled this reasonably well, but it's just the beginning.

4) So much for the nullwits who've been demanding Hillary withdraw.