Monday, December 1, 2008

Bob Gibson, philosopher

My ex, a 100% dyed in the wool, Rush listening wingnut who two weeks ago was calling Obama a "socialist," was today praising him for his moderateness, and made the brilliant point, "You know there's hardly any difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, don't you?" It's like someone pulled a switch somewhere, and what was black is now grey, what was up is now in the middle, what was intolerable is now hardly any different than the alternative. I don't understand the mindset that allows that switch to be made so quickly and unconsciously -- she has entirely forgotten what she thought of him two weeks ago. It's frightening, is what it is.

If I were on the Obama team and all these people, my sworn enemies two weeks ago, were suddenly praising me, I'd be taking a hard look at my actions. There's such a thing as too much bipartisanship, and as we've discovered with Bush, too much support can be almost as bad as too little. If the conservatives don't start pushing back some, it means Obama is not crowding the plate like he should. It all goes back to Bob Gibson: "Show me a hitter who can't be jammed, and I'll show you a horseshit hitter."