Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old boss, new boss, etc

If the Republicans, particularly McCain, are held to the same standards as the Democrats, they will lose, possibly quite badly. They champion policies that are unpopular even in the best of times when those policies are reported accurately. Hagee should have been gone a long time ago, and probably would not have become an issue at all had Obama not become the prohibitive favorite as the nominee -- Hillary would have kept getting getting beaten by the short end of the media stick. The long end, as well.

One of the ugly things about this election -- and there are many -- is that the media have been able to essentially control the entire thing. They wanted McCain on the Republican side, and they got him. They wanted Edwards to lose, and he did, then they wanted Hillary out, and she all but is. Want to make Edwards a sissy-boy rich guy, pandering to the poor? OK. Want to paint the Clintons as race-baiting megalomaniacs? Done. The blogosphere was simply ineffective, when it wasn't complicit. Obama will probably win, but everyone will lose, because the problem we face isn't just who is in the White House, but who determines who gets there, and how they do it, and that hasn't changed at all. The real "win" to be had in this election was to force the media people to do the jobs they are supposed to do, the way they are supposed to do them, and that isn't happening. They are lying, preening, twisting, inventing, and ultimately, kingmaking. The Dems might be getting the throne, but the power behind it remains in the wrong hands.