Thursday, May 15, 2008


The wingnuts I know are utterly demoralized. Used to be they couldn't talk about politics enough, although, granted, their idea of talking about politics was forwarding one of those My Right Wing Dad things and then smirking about what weak, cowardly idiots liberals are. But they don't even do that anymore, and attempts to discuss politics are met with stony silence or a change of subject. They seem embarrassed by Bush's stupid Chamberlain stuff, which used to be an automatic "winning" talking point from them: advocate anything besides war to solve a problem, and out would come appeasement and Chamberlain like a virgin wielding a cross at a vampire. This time, not a word.

All the air has gone out of their movement, there are no new ideas in it, the old rallying cries are tired and stale, and worst of all, the real kicker, they are simply losing. There were signs of life for them when Obama started looking inevitable, but the polls aren't looking great there, either anymore; moreover, the things they want to accomplish -- more wars -- are despised by most people, and probably seem impractical even to them. And then there are the economy and gas prices. It's hard to engage in the kind of trivia-obsessed, personality based, sneering brand of politics preferred by the wingers when you are worried about keeping enough gas in your tank to get to work and back home again. When even the people who have kept you in business for years have lost passion and interest, your show's over.