Tuesday, February 19, 2008

With a(nother) whimper

No matter how many times I think it won't happen again, they still find a way to astonish me with their stupidity and unprofessionalism. And she doesn't apologize, barely admits she was wrong, just goes blithely on her way, as stupid and oblivious as yesterday, and the day before. And Time is at the top of these sorts of magazines -- presumably they have their choice of talent, and they keep picking people like Cox, and that other one whose name I can't be assed to look up, but who has the vocabulary of a 10th grader . These people, from the top down, just can't seem to act like their jobs carry more responsibility than someone who is charged with getting somebody's order right at a drive thru. "Oh well, I made a mistake". And you get George W. Bush. "Oh well, I made a mistake." Iraq War. And so on.


Just did a news search for "Obama cult", and on the first page found a dozen defences of Obama's not-a-cult, and maybe two attacks. So much for the Obama backlash, and so much for the idea that the media always "rough up the frontrunner." They attack the frontrunner when they don't like them; otherwise it's kiss, kiss, kiss. They never attacked McCain when he became the frontrunner, and they aren't doing it now.