Friday, February 22, 2008

Turning worms

It seems McCain is experiencing a rough patch in his relationship with the media. Brooks not flattering him today, the NYT article, and some pieces in local papers around the country are actually attacking not worshipping him; while he has apparently put some barriers between himself and the fanboys who cover his campaign, a first, from what I can tell. It will be interesting to see if this state of affairs lasts, or if the media creatures are only hitting him now to appear "balanced," with the intention of going back to heaping praise on the straighttalkingmaverickmoderatecourageousAmericanwarhero once the real campaigning starts. My guess is the media people themselves don't know what's going on for sure; they're like a herd that is just running with no clear direction, no real idea of even what it is they're running from. Obamamania, McCain's near-certain defeat in the fall, McCain Worship Exhaustion Syndrome, ridicule from the blogosphere and even other journalists, and maybe just a breakout of plain decency have combined to destroy their once laser-like focus on extolling the virtues of this Great Man.